Optional Settings

Causey offers a variety of options for administrators to customizer their organization and plan.

To access optional settings, select Settings in the drop-down menu in the top left navigation bar. Then select Optional Settings.

The current options available for customization in Optional Settings are Champions, Mailers, Sequencing, Labels, Subapp Visibility, Subapp Promotion, Style, Features, Beta Features.


While our guidance recommends 1-2 Champions for each aspect of your plan, administrators can customize how many Champions to set for Plan, Focus Areas, Strategy, Goals, and Metrics.


Adjust which emails members of this organization will receive from Mission Met.


Adjust how "listed" items display (for example, a numbered or lettered list). We have a dedicated help article for this topic to learn how to use this.


Custom labeling allows you to rename key concepts within Causey. For example, you may want to change the word "Focus Area" to "Initiative."

Subapp Visibility

Manage which sub applications members of this organization will have access to.


Colors: Allows you to change the colors within the application, affecting things like metrics charting and presentation view backgrounds.

Member Circles: Control whether to show team member names instead of their initials or uploaded photos.

Show Member Email: Allows you to show/hide user emails if you do not wish to display email addresses within the plan.

Show Organization Logos: Choose whether to show uploaded organization logos throughout Causey.


Strategies: Allow the creation and use of "Strategies", an additional layer of strategic context within your plan. Without strategies the structure is Focus Area -> Goal -> Action Item. With Strategies, the structure is Focus Area -> Strategy -> Goal -> Action Item

Link/Attachment/Note Control: Allows you to disabled the creation of certain document types within the organization.

Goal Progress and Measurement Notifications: Adjust who is eligible to receive an email notification when scoring a Goal or Metric.

Beta Features

This is for features we are currently testing.