Import a Template Plan

In some instances, an organization can choose from a select list of templates to begin a plan.

Step 1:

To import a template to your organization's list of plans, begin by selecting Plan Settings in the top navigation bar from the Strategy application.

On the Plan Settings page, find the Plans section for your organization.

Step 2:

Select the drop-down arrow on the Create Blank Plan button. Then select Create Plan from Template. Please note that a plan must be designated as a plan template in the All Plans list to create a plan from a template. In this example, the 2019 Plan is the designated template.

Step 3:

Find the desired template from the Plan Template drop-down menu. 

Enter a name for the new plan and select the Create button.

A notification will confirm that the new plan has been created from the template and it will be available in the list of plans.

Step 4:

Select the plan name to be taken to the Strategy application and begin editing the plan for your organization.

Additional Assistance:

Please note that there can only be one active plan at a time. Only administrators can edit an inactive plan. All other access levels will not be able to view or edit a plan until it is activated in Plan Settings.