Subscribe to Emails

Causey currently offers three points of email communication (dependent on access level) with updates about your organization’s plan to keep you informed: the weekly organization look-ahead and the monthly planning update are available to all users and the administrator report is available to administrators.

Weekly Organization Look-Ahead Email - sent every Monday to keep you on track with your goals and action items. It will list any goals/action items that you've completed recently and any goals/action items that are due soon (or past due).

Monthly Planning Update Email - sent monthly and reminds you to update goal progress status and take a break to think strategically each month.

Administrator Report Email - this email reports the activity and invitation status of the members on your team. Administrators can select to receive this report on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

You can control your subscriptions for these emails from your account page in Causey. To access your account page, select the drop-down menu with your initials or profile picture in the upper right corner, then select Account.

In Enrolled Organizations and Email Subscriptions, select the checkboxes to subscribe to the weekly organization look-ahead and monthly planning update emails. Administrators can select the checkbox to receive the administrator report monthly or quarterly. Uncheck the boxes to unsubscribe.