Subscribe to Plan Calendar Feed

Causey offers two options to sync your Google or iCal calendars with your plan’s goal and action item deadlines. You can opt to subscribe to the organization’s calendar (which will sync all goals and action items for your organization) and your individual calendar (will sync only goals/action items assigned to you).

By subscribing, goals/action items with due dates will be listed on your calendar as all-day events. Additional information and context about the goal or action item will be listed in the event, as well as the link to the item in the software.

Note: This is one-way sync from Causey to your calendar. Updates to your calendar will not be reflected in Causey.

To subscribe, click the calendar icon in the top right navigation bar of the Strategy application.

Select the option appropriate for you (organization and/or individual calendar, iCal or Google).

Please visit the following links for more information about syncing calendars on specific platforms:

Subscribe via Apple Calendars on Mac

Subscribe via Google calendar 

Subscribe via Office 365