Focus Mode (2 steps)

Step 1:

In the Strategy application, select the Focus Mode icon in the toolbar in the upper right corner. 

A notification will show you that you have entered Focus Mode. This notification will remain on the screen for the duration of time you remain in Focus Mode.

In Focus Mode, you will only see focus areas, goals, and action items that you are assigned.

Step 2:

To turn Focus Mode off, simply deselect the same Focus Mode icon in the toolbar that you selected to turn it on.

Super Focus Mode:

Organizations who subscribed to the CORE tier or higher also have access to what we call "Super Focus Mode". This powerful tool allows you to see your plan through the eyes of other members of your organization.

You can use super focus mode in several different locations through Causey:

  • Strategy: Plan View
  • Strategy: Timeline View
  • Metrics: Metric View
  • Metrics: Chart View

Using Super Focus Mode:

Step 1:

Click on the "Show Filters" button, as found in the Plan View below.

Step 2:

Select a team member or team members, the click "Filter". You will now see all the items for which that individual is a Champion or Team Member of.