Administrator Functionality

The administrator access level can perform certain functions that are unavailable to the other levels.

Only an administrator can edit the name of an organization. To do this, select Settings from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner.

Administrators can edit the organization name using the Name text box.

Also on the Organization Settings page is a directory of team members. Administrators can use this list to change the access level of any member, assign a billing contact, send an invitation to join the plan, or remove a member. 

Administrators can tell when an invitation to join the software and plan is waiting to be accepted, if the invitation is close to expiring, or has expired based on the Status column.

The green check notes that a user has been invited and has joined the software.

The black X notes that a user has been added to the plan but not invited to join the software yet.

The green clock notes that an invitation is waiting to be accepted. A person has 14 days to accept an invitation. They will be reminded two times during that window if they have not yet accepted the invitation.

 The orange clock notes that an invitation has been sent, has not been accepted yet, and is close to expiring.

The red X notes that an invitation has been sent but was not accepted before expiring. The invitation has expired and a new invitation will need to be sent.