Documents Application (4 steps)

Step 1:

You can access the Documents application in one of two ways. If using a different application, select Documents in the top-left drop-down menu.


From your Home, select the drop-down arrow for the selected organization.

Then select Documents from the drop-down menu.

Step 2:

In Documents, create a category by selecting the New Category button. 

Type a name for the category in the text box provided. 

Please note that a list of suggestions can be viewed in the drop-down menu based on frequently used categories.

Select Save when finished.

Step 3:

Once a category is created, notes can be added, documents can be uploaded or linked using the Add Note, Add Link, or Upload Attachment buttons. 

Step 4:

On the Add Note page, confirm the correct category, name the note, and enter the content. Select Save to add the note.

On the Add Link page, confirm the correct category, name the link, and enter the URL. Select Save to add the link.

On the Upload Attachment page, confirm the correct category and name the attachment. Please note that the name defaults to the name of the document as it was uploaded. You can change the name so it displays differently in the software.

Select Choose File and navigate to the document you want to upload from your computer. Select Upload to add the attachment. Please note that the maximum file size limit is 50 MB. 

Helpful Hints:

To display documents, select the Show Documents button next to a category. 

You can edit or delete categories.

You can also edit, replace, or delete documents.

Please note that certain access levels will not have access to Documents. Administrators and Editors can view and edit Documents. A Viewer can see the documents but will not be able to edit them. Archived members will not be able to view the Documents application.