Goal Progress (4 steps)

The goal progress tracker provides your team with more information about the status of specific initiatives.

Step 1:

In the Strategy application, scroll to a specific goal that needs more information regarding its status and progress.

Step 2: 

Select the Goal Progress circle. 

The Goal Progress window offers the ability to provide richer details about the status of the goal.

First, you can see the last update and the team member who made the update. 

Select Progress Update Details for more information including the previous comments and percentage of the project that was completed at the time of the last update.

In addition to the status, you can also select the percentage of the project that has been completed.

A Learn From Your Experience section provides prompts for information to include in the text box that can be viewed by team members, including what’s working, what’s not working, and what might be done differently moving forward. You can provide any information in the text box that is important to your team’s work.

Step 3:

At the bottom of the window, select the checkbox if you want to notify Goal Champions, Key Team Members, and/or Advisors of the progress update. Please note that if you are a Goal Champion and you have made the update, you will not receive an e-mail.

Step 4:

Select Save for the information to be included in the strategic plan.