What is a tax ID and why does Causey need it?

A Tax Identification Number (Tax ID) is a unique identifier assigned to businesses and individuals by tax authorities for tax purposes. In different countries, this identifier goes by various names and formats, serving as a key tool for tax-related transactions, compliance, and verification of an entity's tax status.

These are the names and formats that serve our customers:

EIN (US): A nine-digit number (XX-XXXXXXX) issued by the IRS for businesses to conduct tax-related activities.

ABN (Australia): An 11-digit number (XXXXXXXXXXX) used to identify business entities for tax and government transactions.

ARBN (Australia): A 12-digit number (XXXXXXXXXXXX) for foreign companies operating in Australia for legal identification.

We ask newly signed-up organizations to enter their tax number so that we can confirm tax-exempt status, which is particularly relevant when an organization is not required to pay sales tax. We also ask organizations to upload tax number documentation on an annual basis.