Populate Action Items

Adding Action Items, Notes, Attachments, and Links.

Step 1:

After logging into the Strategy application, scroll to Section 2: Our Actions.

Step 2:

Next to a Goal, select the Show Goal Action Plan button (plus sign).

Additional fields will now display to include more information such as Key Action Items, Attachments, Links, and Notes.

Step 3:

Select the Add Action Item button to add an Action Item such as tasks, assignments, actions, or mini-projects associated with the goal.

Helpful Tip:

You can add a start date and due date for the action item, notes, and the action item owner(s). Additionally, you can track the action item's progress with the completion percentage slider and note if the task is completed or not with the status checkbox.

Step 4:

Select Save and the information will populate in the Strategy application.


You can add a note, link, or attachment to a goal. To add an attachment, select Upload Attachment button. Find the saved document on your computer and enter a name. Select Upload to add the document to the goal. 

To add a link to a goal, select Add Link button.  Enter the Name and URL for the link and then select Save to add the link to the goal. Please note that you can link to external web resources such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Select Save when completed.

To add a note to a goal, select Add Note button. Enter a name and the content for the note then select Save.

Section 2: Actions can be filtered by person, tags, goal progress update status and percentage, and time since last progress update.