Metrics - Basics

By setting, pursuing, and analyzing progress toward a metric you and your team will develop strategic skills that will help you run a more effective and impactful organization. Causey provides three types of metrics: Key Metrics, Focus Area Metrics, and Goal Metrics.

To add metrics to your plan, navigate to the Metrics application.

On the Metrics app, select the Add New Metric button. 

On the Add New Metric page, enter the metric name in the text box (e.g. 'CO2 Reduced', 'Capital Raised', or 'Grants Submitted').

Select a metric unit (presets include $, %, and person). If your metric does not have a unit, select "No Unit." For example, an organization might have a satisfaction rating metric used to measure their service to others and this type of metric might not have a unit associated with it. The "No Unit" option will not display a unit for the metric on the plan.

By selecting “other,” you can enter the name for the metric unit. Always ensure the unit is the singular form (i.e. ‘tree’, ‘event’, ‘donor contact’)

If you want to display the metric on your strategic plan as a key metric, Focus Area metric, or Goal metric, select the "Represent Metric on..." select box.

In the modal, select a plan to display a metric as a key metric (the metric will display in the Compass section on your strategic plan.) Your metric measurements will only display on plans with corresponding dates. For a metric to display on a selected plan, the date of measurement will need to fall within the plan's date range. For example, if you have a metric’s measurement that is entered in 2022, but select a past plan from the year 2020, the measurement will not display on that plan because the measurement date was outside of the 2020 plan date range. 

Please go to the Metrics app and make sure the date of the metric measurement falls within the date range for the selected plan on which you want it to display. Need to know your plan's start and end dates? These dates are set in Plan Settings.

Targets will display on plans outside of the plan range.

To display the metric with a specific Focus Area or Goal, select the appropriate one from the drop-down. Select a Focus Area to display the metric as a Focus Area metric.

Select a Goal to display the metric as a Goal metric.

Depending on your selection, the metric will display as one of the following:

A key metric in the Compass section of your plan;

A Focus Area metric in Section 2: Our Actions;

A Goal metric in a Focus Area in Section 2: Our Actions.