Link or "Attach" a Document in the Compass Section

You can add a document to the element as a link. To do this, the document should be saved online (in our Documents app or another file hosting service -- Google Drive, Office 365, your website, etc.)

To use Causey's Documents app to host a document, follow all of the steps in the order below. If using another file hosting service, begin at step 5.

1. Navigate to the Documents app.

2. Create a new category called "Elements" or select an existing category.

3. Upload an attachment by choosing "Add Attachment."

4. Once named and uploaded, open the document.

5. Right-click on the attachment name (e.g., "Ohio Food Bank Operation") and copy the URL to your document.

6. Back in the Strategy app, select the Edit Element button for the element.

7. On the Edit Element form, enter the text for the document in the description. Highlight that text, then select the link button to add the URL.

8. Paste the URL from your clipboard, select "Link" and then "Save". The document will now be a link in the plan's element.