Populate Your Goals

Step 1:

In the Strategy application, select the Add Goal button in a Focus Area of Section 2.

Step 2:

In the Goal Basics section, select the corresponding Focus Area and enter a goal topic. 

In the Goal Content section, add the goal and start and due dates.

In the Goal Team section, add the Goal Champions (up to two) and other key team members.

Select Save for the information to be viewed in the Strategy app.

Additional Assistance:

Goals can be edited by selecting the Edit Goal button in the corresponding Focus Area.

Re-order Goals using the up-down arrow.

Goals can also be deleted or cloned from a Focus Area.

Notes, attachments, and links can be added to a goal by selecting the three dots button.

Section 2: Actions can be filtered by person, tags, goal progress update status and percentage, and time since last progress update.