Billing Information

Team members listed as a billing contact will have access to Causey's billing center on the Organization Settings page. 

Access the Organization Settings page by selecting the drop-down menu in the top left corner. Select Settings.

Administrators set the billing contact in the All Team Members list on the Organization Settings page. A billing contact does not need to be an administrator. This contact should be the person in the organization who updates billing and payment information for the software subscription. 

If you pay via credit card, you can select the Manage Billing button in the Organization Billing section. In this section you can change your plan, update your billing address and payment details, etc.

On this page you can view details about your current plan.

You can also view and update your billing information (email and address). 

View and pay your invoices in the Billing History section. Select the appropriate invoice. If a payment is due, enter a payment method to pay your invoice (payment methods can be saved for future use.) You can also download an invoice or receipt.